Special technologies, Ltd. in cooperation with HLS Hypertech Laser Systems GmbH represented at international exhibition SENSOR+TEST in Nurnberg, Germany, May, 14-16, a serial version of a brand new high-sensitive portable SF6 leak detector - SF6 LaserGasTest®.

SF6 LaserGasTest® was specially designed for out-door application, and meets IP65 requirements. Modern OLED display is used for indication of the measured values and state of the system. User-friendly menu allows changing measurement units, operation modes, to turn embedded light on/off, to mute sound indication, to record measured values into system memory, etc.

SF6 LaserGasTest® has a Monitoring operation mode for continuous standalone measurements and USB interface for connection to PC.

SF6 LaserGasTest® has a function of automatic subtracting of the background concentration of SF6.

SF6 LaserGasTest® is designed in high-impact watertight plastic case and does not require additional transportation packaging.

SF6 LaserGasTest® is made with respect to wishes of operating staff. We tried to add all necessary accessories into the standard set including removable intakes, filters, and tweezers for changing filters, as well as, shoulder strap with clip holder for the hand-held unit and additional belt for fixing the detector while working.

SF6 LaserGasTest® has a very competitive Recommended End-User price.

SF6 LaserGasTest® can be adopted for specific customer's applications. Click here to download brochure.

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